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Beach Information

Ocean City, New Jersey features eight miles of beautiful beaches. During the summer, you must have a beach badge to use the beach. Beach badges are regularly $25/seasonal, $10/weekly (dated), and $5/daily (dated), and can be purchased at the following locations:

  • City Hall: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm 609-399-6111
  • 46th Street Municipal Building: Everyday 10am-4pm
  • Music Pier: Everyday 10am-4pm
  • Information Center, 9th Street Causeway: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-2pm

Public Rest rooms
Public rest rooms are located at 1st, 6th, 12th, 34th, and 58th Streets at the beach, as well as in the Music Pier at Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk. Bath houses and changing facilities are also available.

Dogs Prohibited on Boardwalk
Dogs are not allowed AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR on the Boardwalk or any platform or ramp associated. This includes carrying or transporting a dog in any manner. (87-17, 11-4.4a).

Dogs Prohibited on Beach During Certain Times
Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 1 through September 30. Dogs are permitted on the beach on a leash from October 1 to April 30. Owners must clean up after their dogs. (87-17, 11-4.4b)

Surf Chair Program; Beach Accessible Wheelchairs
Surf chairs and beach buggies are beach accessible wheelchairs for use by anyone with a mobility-limiting disability. The City of Ocean City provides this service free, and the program is partly funded by your donations. Surf Chairs may be reserved for up to two weeks or can be used on a daily basis. Reservations are recommended. Ramps are located on 1st, 6th, 12th, and between 34th & 59th Street beaches have surf chair service available for transportation to desire beach locations only.

Hours: 9:00 am to 5:30 PM Weekends (check in 5:00 PM)

Location: Sports & Civic Center, 6th Street & Boardwalk

Phone: 609-525-9304 OR (609) 399-1989

Availability: Memorial Day- September


Surf Chair Rules
Surf chairs are not to be used on the boardwalk, sidewalk, or street while occupied. They are not to be used to transport beach supplies and should be stored indoors overnight or placed out of view and covered. The weight limit is 250 pounds. The chairs are built for the surf, but must not exceed six (6) inches in the water. Surf chairs are not to be transported out of Ocean City. They are to be transported using a suitable vehicle. The chairs do not collapse and are not to be tied on tops of cars. All chairs are considered to be in 100% good condition upon your taking possession unless otherwise stated by the attendant. Any chair returned to the Civic Center in less than 100% condition will be subject to a flat fee of $50 for repair or replacement of parts.

Beach & Water Safety
Tragic water accidents happen quickly. The most common reason for aquatic mishaps is a lack of safety knowledge. The Ocean City Department of Public Safety recommends the following safety tips:

  • Learn to swim
  • Swim near a lifeguard
  • Never swim alone
  • Supervise children closely, even when lifeguards are present
  • Don't rely on flotation devices such as rafts; you may lose them in the water
  • If caught in a rip current, swim sideways until free; don't swim against the current's pull
  • Alcohol and swimming don't mix
  • Protect your head, neck and spine - don't dive into unfamiliar waters - feet first, first time
  • If you are in trouble, call or wave for help
  • Follow regulations and lifeguard directions
  • Swim parallel to the shore if you wish to swim long distances
  • Report hazardous conditions to lifeguards or other beach management personnel
  • Never turn your back to the ocean - you may be swept off coastal bluffs or tide pool areas and into the water by waves that come without warning.


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